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Implant training - Zygomatic implant surgery; Nasal access to implant surgery; Sinus lift techniques; Inferior alveolar nerve lateralization; Synthesis and mandibular ramus block bone grafts; Other surgery techniques

OMFS Day one- technical training and surgical access in cadaver treated in order to retain all the natural characteristics predeath, held in the highly qualified American Institutes. On the first day, we will train the various surgical accesses in the face for the facial fractures approaches, such as frontal, orbitals, zigomatic, TMJ, jaw and mandible. Surgeons will work in pairs with one cephalous with a wide possibility of topographic access training (step-by-step). Coronal access approaches to frontal fracture upper-eyelid access to frontal zygomatic suture disjunctions, subciliary and transconjunctival approach to orbital fractures, access to the ocular base and retro bulbar decompression, access to maxillary fracture and jaw pillars, pre-auricular access for condylar fractures, submandibular access for condylar fractures access and intra-oral approaches.

OMFS Day two- advanced training of surgical approaches and osteotomies in orthognathic surgery with the identification of the difficulties risk of accesses. Topographic access and osteotomies for the fractures in the orthognathic surgery-Maxillary osteotomy, sagittal mandibular osteotomy, mentoplasty. Detailed visualization of the surgical risks of accesses – region of the maxillary, palatine and mandibular artery and nerves. We will also address the emergency airway surgical access and carotid artery approach.

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